I was away in St. Louis this past week for a work conference when I had one of those “Ah Ha” moments: bowties are everywhere (including beyond the neck).

Here’s the situation: I’m sitting in Busch stadium (of which I’m not a Cardinals fan), enjoying a crisp Budweiser (brewed that day across the street), and I looked down at the red stadium bottle. It was litered with the Budweiser bowtie logo, Budweiser logo 2011which has been made famous over the many years. How perfect that Budweiser’s slogan is “King of Beers” and their trademark symbol is a bowtie. There it is, bowties are a truly universal symbol representing so much including class, quality, and uniqueness.

All this got me thinking, where else are there recognizable bowtie logos where I’ve never really connected the dots? Let’s take a look at a few and see if you can name them:







How’d you do? 3/3 or 100% I hope! Now it’s your turn, are there other major companies you can think of rockin’ a bowtie in their company branding? Keep your eyes peeled, they’re everywhere (and for good reason)!

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I recently answered this Quora question regarding how often and for what occasions I wear bowties. The simple answer: any time! The best part about a bowtie is just how versatile the accessory can be when worn with appropriate attire. Here are some Spring time looks that are perfectly acceptable for your day-to-day wardrobe. Do you have one?



Zara Spring










Did you know that bowties come in a wide range of sizes and shapes? Well they do. So once you’ve mastered how to tie the bowtie, all you need to do is add different shapes and sizes to diversify your wardrobe. In addition to the standard bowtie, you have the diamond point, batwing and butterfly. Which is your favorite?


Bow Tie Shapes #bowtiemafia #butterfly

Butterfly. This stunner is a large bow tie shape that measures 3 to 3-1/2 inches. A good shape if you want to have a little fun with your look. But to avoid looking like a clown make sure it isn’t too over-sized for your face and neck. The Butterfly is recommended for those with a bigger neck size, face or prominent chin. However, we’ve seen these popping up more often on many celebrity men on the red carpet. I assume they are trying to relax an otherwise “stuffy” black tie look.


Bow Tie Shapes #bowtiemafia #classic

Classic. This is your standard bowtie, sometimes called a “Thistle”. It’s wing has a classic butterfly shape that measures about 2-1/2″.  This bowtie will flatter pretty much all neck sizes and is a safe bet for your black tie function. This bow tie should be a staple in every man’s closet.

The large butterfly and classic bow ties shown here can be found at Le Noeud Papillon.


Bow Tie Shapes #bowtiemafia #diamondpoint


Diamond Point. Although your standard size, this bow tie has pointed ends to create a slightly asymmetrical bow. A good way to add a unique touch, but still adhere to black tie dress code. Also a great choice to put a spin on your more casual bowtie look.


Bow Tie Shapes #bowtiemafia #batwing

Batwing. A slim, modern bow that is cut straight and measures 1-1/2″-2″ at it’s widest point. A slightly less formal look, but suitable for a black tie event. It looks best on thin men, or those with an oval to long face shape and narrow collar size.

The diamond point and batwing bow ties shown here can be found at Hank’s Haberdashery Etsy shop.